Friday, March 02, 2012

Georgia: Stalwart Supporter of Liberty? Or Just a Big Ugly Wart?

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  1. Media Fail: I love how their coverage of these arrests fails to mention anything about the Georgia State Senate Bill (see below) but includes commentary from some vapid citizen and her feeble attempt to discredit the Occupy movement by saying, "its so disorganized, they have like 10 causes in one". So what! You have zero causes. Dumb.

    (From The bill, SB 469, would clamp down on free speech and workers’ rights in several ways. First, it would outlaw picketing outside the home of a CEO or other top company officials, such as rallying outside the home of a sweatshop owner.

    It also would allow businesses to ask a judge to halt the protests outside of a business. If the judge orders a halt and the picketing continues, the union members or protestors from other groups could each be slapped with a $1,000 fine.

    In addition, any union or organization which "continues to sponsor or assist in the prohibited activity" would be subject to $10,000 fine. Businesses which think they suffered damage from the picketing could ask for a cut of that cash.

    If for example, if protestors staged a sit-in, such as union and Occupy Atlanta demonstrators protestors did recently at a downtown AT&T building to protest the elimination of 700 jobs, they not only could be charged with criminal trespass, a misdemeanor, but with conspiracy to commit criminal trespass--a felony that carries a one-year jail term and $10,000 fine.