Monday, January 30, 2012

Sincere Question of the Day

Why is a loyal, active, youthful supporter base a problem when it comes to Ron Paul?

That's what got Obama in office.

He's the only candidate that I see as posing a real threat to Obama's reelection, and it's almost comical how clearly you can see behind the curtain that the Republican establishment will not let that happen. I don't understand why. If they embraced him, he'd have the Republican base who will Vote Republican even if Judas himself was the nominee (note: I'm not certain he hasn't been already), and on top of that, you'd have a real grab for the swing, independent voters that really do decide an election (assuming it's not just pre-programmed into the Diebold machines). I think it's because they* don't have their hooks in him and they know it. He'd be a loose cannon, too risky.

* lobbyists & the money elite they work for: bankers, large corporations, investment firms, defense contractors, oil companies, Koch brothers. in other words, the establishment as we know it. can't go messing with the status quo!

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