Thursday, January 19, 2012

All Things Consider (and by "All" we just mean bland, distracting fluff pieces with an occasional foreign affairs story)

On the way home from the grocery store this evening, about a 7 minute drive, I heard on NPR not once, not twice, but three separate mentions of Rick Perry dropping out of the race. IN SEVEN MINUTES.

This is EXACTLY why I have no faith in our future. The supposed voice of the people and the "fair and balanced" gives 90% of their broadcast each evening to this sideshow circus. WHY?

It's distracting minor leagues bullshit. Mention it once and move on. OUR SOCIETY IS ON THE BRINK OF COLLAPSE. I really don't care about has beens and never be's. TELL ME ABOUT THE 'IS HAPPENINGS' AND THE 'OH SHIT' type stuff. ENOUGH ALREADY!

It's sad because I have a friend who, in trying to proclaim their breadth of news analysis, said they listen to both Fox News and NPR. OK, you have the far right and the just right of center. Trust me. TRUST ME! There is a whole other range of news in the spectrum that those two don't come remotely close to touching.

For example, everyone who is either cheering me on right now or raising their nose in disgust and disbelief should read the latest book by Greg Palast's "Vulture's Picnic." That shows you what real reporting can do.

In the meantime, I'll just continue doing what I usually do: swing between cowering in fear beneath my covers, forging plans for total self-sustainability, and trying to stab and poke at the big beast with things like this blog.

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