Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Koch brothers: secretive billionaires to launch vast database with 2012 in mind

So this is happening:

"The secretive oil billionaires the Koch brothers are close to launching a nationwide database connecting millions of Americans who share their anti-government and libertarian views, a move that will further enhance the tycoons' political influence and that could prove significant in next year's presidential election.

The voter file was set up by the Kochs 18 months ago with $2.5m of their seed money, and is being developed by a hand-picked team of the brothers' advisers. It has been given the name Themis, after the Greek goddess who imposes divine order on human affairs.

The database will bring together information from a plethora of right-wing groups, tea party organisations and conservative-leaning thinktanks. Each one has valuable data on their membership – including personal email addresses and phone numbers, as well as more general information useful to political campaign strategists such as occupation, income bracket and so on.

By pooling the information, the hope is to create a data resource that is far more potent than the sum of its parts. Themis will in effect become an electoral roll of right-wing America, allowing the Koch brothers to further enhance their power base in a way that is sympathetic to, but wholly independent of, the Republican party."

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I had to google image search these dudes to know: what do the so-called Koch brothers look like?

And all I find is these two piles of cold mashed potatoes:

Can you imagine even talking to guys like this? Like sitting down and having dinner with these two zombies? Throw in dudes like Karl Rove, and ohmygod. F-ing gravy train. I couldn't handle it! Whether or not they were in the seat of power right now. I feel like I'm catching psoriasis just looking at this picture!

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