Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Avoid Frustrating Conversations with OWS Business Cards!

Just in time for the holidays! Are you sick of having dinner conversations with friends or family members who are opinionated and/or uninformed about Occupy Wall Street? Well these "business cards" are just the thing! When it becomes clear that calm conversations and reason won’t work, or that you are being talked at rather than listened to, give them this card so they can process the info on their own terms.

Version #1: Someone innocently, or condescendingly ask, “What is it about? What do they want? There is no purpose”? Hand them one of these!

Version #2: You find yourself with someone who starts spewing false facts and negative characterizations? Here’s your card!

Version #3: Think all they need is to have an honest look at why they are so personally threatened by OWS? Here’s a handy questionnaire to invite introspection.

Here's a link to the PDF so you can print multiple copies. DESIGNED TO BE PRINTED DOUBLE-SIDED. Odd pages= front. Even pages = back.

(And please, steal and remix for your own purposes! I tried to upload a word doc to google docs, and it screwed up my formatting. So PDF it is. If you want to edit, I'd say copy the text, go to Word, click on Tools > Labels > Options > Business card. Paste and play!)

Versions 2 & 3, front:


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