Thursday, June 09, 2011

Scott Walker Has Painting Of Poor Children Removed From Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion

Via disinfo and mother jones, another ridiculously callous move by Wisconsin's own Imperial Walker. I think that's how politicians like him can do what they do (lead by greed and fear while throwing the American people under the bus). They create a bubble of self-delusion. They just don't want to face the victims of their own greedy, self-serving politics. It makes me sick! Don't worry though - the "Wisconsin Spring" is still alive and well!!


"Other politicians can slash taxes for the rich while cutting funds for teachers and struggling families, but few can throw in some Mr. Burns-style symbolic nose-thumbing like the Wisconsin governor. Via Mother Jones:

Walker has made headlines again after he removed a painting (see right) depicting three Milwaukee children—one had been homeless, one from low-income family, and a third who had lost family members in a drunk-driving accident—from the Governor’s mansion.

The painting, hung over the mantel, was intended to remind state leaders of the people they represent. Scott Walker and his wife Tonette replaced it with a portrait of Old Abe, a Civil War-era bald eagle from Wisconsin.

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