Monday, March 21, 2011

Milwaukee, We Have a Problem

Back from Houston. Modern travel is really amazing, I don't think our minds or bodies have fully evolved to it yet. Jet lag is one thing, which is interesting. But just the fish out of water feeling I've had stepping off the plane from cold Milwaukee and feeling the humidity that was so unfamiliar. Having to mentally switch gears to wearing less, seeing sunshine, the mindset that goes along with being in the middle of summer. And now I'm back and its gray and its like that never happened. But Spring is here, right?

Jet Lag May Cause Stupidty

"SAN DIEGO — In addition to making you groggy and dazed, jet lag may make you stupid. A study presented November 15 at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting finds that hamsters suffering extreme, chronic jet lag had about half the normal rate of new neuron birth in a part of the brain. What’s more, these animals showed deficits in learning and memory."

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