Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marchin' on Madison

It's been a few days now since the monumental March on Madison this past Saturday. I'll let the pictures below tell a thousand more words. But overall, I just want to say I'm extremely disappointed by the lack of coverage in the mainstream media. Disappointed, but not shocked. Estimates were 100,000 people gathered that day - when is the last time that has happened in an American city? In the grounded, middle of the road Midwest?

And the gathering was so inspiring and peaceful. It wasn't centered on any celebrity or rebel rouser. It was really about the people that made up the protest itself - as I said about the smaller Milwaukee protest, people from all walks of life.

This isn't just about Scott Walker. It's not about the deficit, because any idiot knows that the bargaining rights of the union had nothing to do with that. And anyone with the smallest bit of inference ability can realize that money is being spent in other areas that grease the palms of the powers that be.

This really is about class warfare. That's what the general feeling on the streets was, as we circled round and round the capitol building. Average people have been screwed by the wealthy for too long and this union busting bill is a last shot that broke open a lot of frustration by a lot of good, hard-working people.

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