Saturday, December 12, 2009


Dr. John Gribbin, author of Get A Grip On New Physics, the book found in Tiger Woods’ crashed car at Sussex University on Wednesday (December 09).

A British University professor cannot buy a copy of his own book after it shot up the bestseller’s list because it was spotted in the disgraced golfer’s wrecked car.

Dr. Gribbin’s book was seen in police pictures of Wood’s battered Cadillac, surrounded by debris.

The title soon rocketed up Amazon’s sales rankings nearly 400 000 places and its value increased by an astonishing 700%.

As Tiger’s life seems to spiral out of control, University of Sussex lecturer Dr Gribbin’s keeps getting better — with sought-after overseas copies of his 2003 publication now pushing $80.

Because the book is out of print, it has caused second hand prices to soar as buyers battle it out for the few remaining copies.

The British version of Get a Grip on New Physics is unavailable on Amazon UK and only two copies of the American edition are now on offer there at $75.

It’s surge in popularity has mainly been in the USA where it was priced at just $10 before Wood’s fall from grace made international headlines.

The book — which suddenly climbed the internet giant’s rankings to become the 2268th most popular book shortly after the Woods crash pictures were released — aims to make big physics simple for ordinary people.

Prof. Gribbin thinks sportsman Woods may have been trying to get his head around puzzling world events.

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