Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Headtime: Giant Scalp-Massage Helmet Unveiled

Stressed? Have a headache?

Headtime, a gigantic silver helmet equipped with 29 silicon balls, 34 ceramic balls, and speakers, can supposedly help.

The scalp-massaging helmet from Kinatech promises to give your a robotic head message (with heat, if you'd like) and soothe you with the sound of birds chirping and waves crashing piped into your Headtime hat.

The news website Aving says of the gadget,

This product comes in the shape of a helmet and can be comfortably worn like a regular hat while sitting down to study or when under stress and with a headache.

Inside the product, there is a sound therapy speaker with sounds of creeks, birds, rain, waves and nature flowing and an LED lighting that help to find mental stability.

This scalp massager made to relieve stress for office workers is expected to gain a favorable response also from housewives tired from housework.

The Korean manufacturer, Kinatech, pictures happy Headtime users wearing the awkward silver helmet while sipping tea, brushing their teeth, or sitting in the park.

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