Monday, February 09, 2009


So, back in October, we spend 700+ billion dollars (its actually more like a trillion according to things I've read) without getting told a SINGLE thing about where or what the money would go to. In fact, they blatantly said will will NOT tell you what its for, we just need a lot of money very quickly.

Now, President Obama has to go on every media outlet and beg like a salesman to get the same amount of money, even though we've heard so many things about where the money will go, who it will affect, etc.

And, its all because the banks we bailed out our being tight-fisted with the money WE gave them.

Tell me how that makes sense.

But on a sidenote, its so amazing to see a presidential news conference. Its like a novelty - wait a second, we can ask you a question, and you will just answer us, just like that? No run around, no press secretary to go through? Hhmmm. What a concept, dialogue.

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