Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Low on cash? Try a snow hut (preferably with cell phone reception)

Search and rescue crews in Colorado have found twin brothers from Green Bay, Wis., who were missing since Sunday.

The Summit Daily News reported the 22-year-old twins were found safe in a hiking area called Mayflower Gulch, halfway between Copper Mountain and Leadville.

The 22-year-old twins' mother notified police that they were missing.

Their mother told the Leadville Chronicle in a letter that Kris and Erik Holumn had been looking for a home in Leadville but were staying in a snow hut they built because they were short on cash. Leadville is about 100 miles southwest of Denver.

The Summit County Sheriff's office spokeswoman Paulette Horr said the twins were unable to communicate with anyone because they had bad cell receptions. She said they had been camping in the area and were planning on returning to Wisconsin Wednesday.

"They didn't really know that they were missing," she said.

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