Monday, August 04, 2008

what we crave: waffle house and biophilia

Back at the hotel room again. Last night's plan for music and drinks in the beer garden ended up just being dinner and drinks. Maybe there was no band (even tho we saw one there earlier that day) because it was Sunday night, or maybe because the universe likes to contradict me anytime I make a declarative sentence ("you can't throw a stone"...).

We finished up about 10:30, and looked at each other and said, "now what?" And the answer was what tens of millions of americans apparently have also come up with -- Let's go see Dark Knight. So we went to the Alamo Alehouse, where you can watch the movie AND drink beer and eat food. I had a Shiner Bock on draft; it was great -- batman was pretty good. It was weird to see the streets of Chicago and be a 1,000 miles away. Scenes of downtown make me think of work which make me twitch a bit.

Today we had breakfast at Waffle House at Darcy's insistence (she says she woke up hungry, even though she had a chicken-stuffed avacado last night at about 9pm). Then we went to Town Lake and rented a double kayak. We did 2 miles in about an hour and a half. It was hot as hell, so we mostly just floated near the shore and counted turtles -- 114! The whole lake/river thing is lined with beautiful trees and cliffs and at certain points, giant houses atop said cliffs. It was very nice and satisfied my need for biophilia that Chicago tends to crush.

Afterwards, we went to Barton Springs Pool. I can best describe it as half creek/half pool.
Apparently, the water is 68 degrees year round, and is in fact open 365. There are little fishes and seaweed type plants, but the sides are cement like a pool. The bottom is the natural rock, very slipperly, and very deep at certain points. It was refreshing, and it was awesome. If I lived here, I would go here all the time.

So now I'm just sitting here waiting for Darcy to get ready. Dinner/drinks is our most likely plan. At 10pm, there's a $2 showing at the downtown Alamo Alehouse of a Pete Seeger documentary. I guess they do music movies every monday, with other specials like horror movies and exploitation films throughout the week. This will be the true test in my mind of the people of Austin: packed house or completely empty? How many people care about Pete Seeger? ToBeDetermined...

All and all, I'd say the people here are very nice. They say hi and make conversation and all that to which the city has jaded me to. Last night, and again today at the pool, I've come to this tiny conclusion: there are tons of 20-something girls with huge tattoos. On their neck, sleeved arms, giant portraits on their backs, etc. I guess there's lots of hip kids in general, and a diverse population overall. All good things.

We leave early tomorrow for Carlsbad Caverns. She just informed me its 7 hours of driving.
"When the Lord made me, he made a ramblin' man"

UPDATE: The documentary played to a packed house! It was awesome -- it was even on a 35mm film, specially given to the theater to play. So, too cool!! And, I ate a giant plate of country-fried steak, which I've always loved and apparently is the texas special.

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