Wednesday, May 07, 2008

She's Lost Me Too

Today, I caught George McGovern on CNN in the breakroom. And even before that, I knew I agreed. Hillary, it's over. It has to be. What you need to grasp, and the frame I'd like to see this thing covered in from here on out -- is that Obama is The People. He's the disenfranchised who are ready to fight back. If Hillary says "hope is an empty promises" that's an insult not to Obama, but to you and to me. Because it's not an empty promise. We, the People, are done with the way the corporate power structure and the puppet government in front of it has manipulated and lied to the public while steering this planet into complete and utter chaos. Obama is who we choose to lead us in a new direction - it's not about him the man, because all that matters is that we trust him to always be loyal to us, the people.

To kill Obama is to kill America's hope. Hillary, I know you know better and care more than that. It's not over for you - this isn't do or die. If you're "in it to win it," it's time to simply redefine what "win" is to you. Bill's charity foundation comes to mind (see video below). There are more ways to save the world than through the office of President. If we've learned ANYTHING from Bush, it's that the specific job of American President is a joke - with 4 months vacation and photo shoots. Basically, all you have to do is smile and sign your name when someone puts something in front of you. It's time for you to think bigger, and reevaluate what your place in the history books will be. As someone who has always been proud of you for your intelligence and the sacrifices you've made for this country, I'm not giving up on you. But I've realized the movement that President Obama represents is a growing flame too delicate to squash at this point.

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