Friday, May 16, 2008

Body of War

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, we screened Phil Donahue's new documentary "Body of War," which starts today at the Landmark Theater on Clark/Division. It is a moving story of one Iraq vet's struggle to readjust to everyday life after being paralyzed by a bullet to the spine, as well as him coming into his own as an eloquent public speaker and advocate for Peace and Understanding.

Phil said the film doesn't have a distributor -- as he put it "Jaws it is not." In the interest of Spreading the Message, I want to encourage anyone who has the chance to see this film. Or at the very least, check out the link above and watch the available clips.

And check out the Iraq Veterans Against the War - My heroes! And Phil Donahue held a door open for me! I was too blinded by his shining silver hair to do more than smile and say thanks.


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