Friday, August 03, 2007

X Games Big air competition

Skateboarding's Mega Ramp Is a Draw, but Also a Danger - New York Times
Here's an article about the controversial Mega Ramp at the X games.

I was there last night to see the skateboarding BIg air competition and Moto X best trick.
After nearly everyone had finished their 5 runs, the first place boarder decided to 'go for broke' and attempt 2 very difficult tricks. After going down the 80 foot ramp, he landed an amazing 720 (two full rotations as he soared over the 50 foot gap), and sped up the next part of the course, the 27 foot half pipe. Losing control of his board, he flew up and away from the half pipe, falling about 50 feet onto the flat part of the ramp. He tumbled through the air as everyone watched, and hit so hard that his shoes flew across the floor. Everyone thought he was dead, but 10 minutes later after being examined by the paramedics, he actually walked away.
Haven't heard any news of what his injuries were, he probably had enough adreneline to walk on some broken bones. The video from ESPN is below.
The BMX Big air competition is today, I wonder if they will make any changes after this.

(I was sitting behind the shirtless guys cheering for him as he started his run.)

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  1. he's like 4 foot 2. His momentum was like speed x midget body weight. sometimes its good to be short. but that was soo cool.. thanks for posting